Saturday, 20 September 2014

Letter from an 11 year old Nepali girl, Pokhara, Nepal, June 2014

As a white tourist in Nepal there is always a constant pressure to part with cash. Of course its a shame that in a developing country a big swathe of its population are impoverished but giving away money to every stranger with cupped hands would soon leave my bank account depleted. not that I'm adverse to giving away money but there has to be a better and more useful way of giving up my hard earned cash - and this is what I came up with!

A writing contest  for 10/11 year olds from a local school in Pokhara, in English with letters aimed at similar aged kids in England. A few things to keep in mind when reading the letter below. Play stations, laptops and tablets are few and far between around here. Access to technology, including the internet is difficult at best for most of these kids. They have few possessions but a big appetite for education and are fluent in English and Hindi languages. So for a few lucky winners, they had to earn their money!

I promised all the winners that their letters will be published on the Internet in England and here is one such entry retyped word for word with original grammar placements - infact its the winning entry for which Smriti received a 1000 NRP prize.

18th June 2014, Rambazar, Pokhara-10

Name: Smiriti Pun         Class: 5        Roll number: 4

Dear Friend,
                   How are you? I am all good with my health and hope so you are. I am writing this to tell you about my daily routine and activities along with my hobbies and aims. Hope you will enjoy reading about my daily activities hobbies and aim.
                   Everyday in the morning I wake up at six. Then I go to bathroom, brush my teeth, wash my face and finish all my morning rituals. Then I take my breakfast at 6.30. After my breakfast I revise all the things taught in my school. Then I iron my school uniform and clean my school shoes. I take my morning meal at 8.30 and get ready for my school. I wait for my school bus. the school bus arrives at 9.15. I reach my school at 9. 45. The morning assembly starts at 10 and my classes starts at 10:5. I study till 4 at my school. After then I return my home. I usually get back to my home at 4:30 then I change my uniform and take some food. I do my homework from 5-6 and study for about an hour. Then I take rest for a while. At 7 I take my dinner and watch television for sometime and at 9, I go to my bed. This is all about my daily activities and routine. Now, I would like to tell you about my hobbies and aim. My hobbies are reading storybooks, writing story, jokes and poems, dancing, singing, playing with my friends, collecting beautiful flowers, playing guitar, eating chocolate and watching Tom and Jerry cartoons. When I grow up My aim is to be a doctor. To be a doctor it requires a lot of hard work and I have to study good. so, I am working hard to achieve success and reach my aim.
                   That's pretty much all about my daily routins, hobbies and aims. I hope you loved and enjoyed reading my letter with best compliments to all your family members. I would like to stop here.

                                                                                                                         Your loving friend
                                                                                                                          Smriti Pun

Please do feel free to leave a comment for Smriti and encourage her to work hard to achieve her aim to become a doctor. I shall print these and deliver on my next visit to Pokhara in 2015.


  1. Just checking in to cath up on your travels.
    We hope all is well.
    Michael and Virginia
    Bangkok, Thailand

  2. Hi Michael and Virginia,

    I will be leaving the UK for Nepal December 30th and coming back to the UK from Bangkok June 30th. In between that, I don't know yet!