Thursday, 7 May 2015

Nepal Earthquake Diary, April 25th 2015

A Sudden Jolt...

Saturday April 25th Between Kathmandu and Pokhara 12.30-14.45: 

The usual pit stop for all the tourist buses on this route. A tourist cafe perched on the edge of a ravine - picturesque with white water gushing below disappearing into the Himalayan hills yonder. Suddenly, without any warning a violent shudder as windows swing open and crash against the building. The place is cleared in 2 seconds flat as as passengers instinctively seek a safer spot. That was definitely a tremor - a conclusion arrived at quite quickly and linking that with the vibrations felt on the bus 35 minutes earlier. Back to normal a few minutes later - at least I got to finish drinking my lovely Nepali tea!

On the road again. 13.00, about 40 KM from Pokhara now and somewhat concerned with today's  earth-moving events. I'm no expert in seismology but quite clearly something's going on down there!

14.45 and rolling into Pokhara. Unusually light traffic but with plenty of people sitting in groups outside houses. Business shutters are down, closed. Oh, it's Saturday, the Nepali day of rest which could explain the presence of all theses people - but to be grouped up like this is something I haven't seen before. 

15.30 Hotel room price negotiated without too much difficulty, 600 Nrp per night, about £4.20, includes a TV! A stomp down to Lumbini Kitchen next, they're expecting me so hopefully someone's milked the buffalo ready for my cup of tea! 

Oh, what's going on here- the place is all locked up, so is next door and a few other places that are normally open, even on Saturday. 

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