Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Earthquake Diary, Nepal Earthquake 26th April 2015, Sunday

Sunday afternoon and evening....

Everyone is rattled - a few more tents have appeared on the grazing meadow and the atmosphere is subdued. An aftershock, or was it another quake? Doesn't matter, the effect is just the same!  Given that Pokhara is a fairly new town, construction is able to absorb the seismic activity that Nepal is subject to right now. Tourists are continuing to reside in their hotels, a few bars remain open along the Main Street - actually it looks like business as normal for the seemingly unconcerned tourists. Personally, I admit to being somewhat anxious - will there be more, perhaps a big one, who knows? 

TV news is still in overdrive, every channel, even that 70's Bollywood movie Chanel, have given way to coverage of the devastating quake. The PM appeals for aid, help, anything anyone can give. The country is fast running out of resources as the Army are deployed to Kathmandu. He appeals for helicopters from anyone, anywhere as the country's poor infrastructure have left rural communities stranded. The Kathmandu death toll is fast rising, every hour a new figure arrives. 

6.30pm, the ground rumbles again and it's a fast exit outside onto the street. Just a small vibration lasting 1/2 a second but it's enough to have everyone scurrying away from any building. Anxiety and sleep don't go hand-in-hand, a restless night ahead despite reassurances that the hotel is strong. Is the ground moving again? Seems to be a subtle swaying motion, it could be my imagination!

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