Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Food Stuff - Food File, Pokhara, Nepal, June 2014

Nepal, a nation where a significant number of its population are impoverished. In an attempt to eek out some kind of subsistence living many turn to cooking and selling food. Unsurprisingly, hygiene is non existent at the ramshackle shelters that I have come across during my stay in Pokhara. Although it all looks tempting, visitors might well find that Delhi Belly strikes with a vengeance! Aim for fresh, eat fresh and keep smiling!  

No fridge, No water, No Hygiene - Avoid! 

Stacked in open air - Avoid!

Aim for fresh

As fresh as it gets

Even fresh dough

A stack of Aloo Paratha, Dahl and tea - 50p

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