Sunday, 29 June 2014

That Camel, Pokhara, Nepal, June 2014

Free Range in Downtown...

 Nothing surprises me about the sights and sounds to be experienced in Nepal anymore. Cows, goats,. Buffalos, dogs and kids all running around the streets in complete harmony and of course free range and this all go's to produce in part the rhythm of life in Kathmandu, Pokhara and I suppose any other Nepali town. So, to see a camel wandering up New Road, Pokhara seems somewhat put of place but actually I'm not all that surprised! Possibly a circus reject, maybe someone's pet or quite simply a stray from India which isn't really too far away. Whatever the reason for it being on the New Road in Pokhara on a Monday afternoon, it's certainly creating quite a stir - holding up traffic as the creature munches on a nearby tree. A gathering of locals are bemused at the sight of this giant, a little saggy quite definitely frayed around the edges, an O.A.P I would guess. There's a certain awe surrounding this camel, folk though are giving it a wide berth since a kick in the goolies might be more than a little discomforting!

And so with the camel seemingly satisfied with the quality of foliage freely provided courtesy of the city council it turns and gracefully trots back from whence it came disappearing into the Rhythm of the city, but to where exactly, well, who knows. But what's remarkable about this is general acceptance by society - drivers and riders carefully avoiding the creature whilst most of those on the street go about their business without any great alarm. I just have to wonder what the British Health and safety police might make of such an event in Norwich!


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