Sunday, 20 July 2014

Secret Square, Kathmandu, Nepal, July 2014

Stumbled upon....

It all looks like a planning committee disaster, assuming of course there is such concept here in Kathmandu. Either way, concrete and brick structures are so densely packed into every inch of space imaginable that its quite a wonder how they ever managed such a feat without blocking the sun permanently. Look closer and visitors will see plenty of construction and building extensions in the upwards direction - the only way left to go! Look even closer and start to notice narrow lanes and arched passageways, just wide enough for one moped, in one direction. Explore these and as if by magic, or possibly planned, visitors are transported back a few years into a precinct or square of cobbled blocks and old style houses. some ornately decorated and other crumbling away amidst the more modern hi-rise apartments.

Its another glimpse into how urban Nepalis live their lives and needless to say surrounded by plenty of statues and objects of worship. This selection of photos tries to capture to a small degree life in this particular precinct, but its pretty much the same in others that I explored, and there are quite a few hidden among the surge of hi-rise concrete.

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