Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Old British Money, Norwich, England, July 2014

240 Pence was equal to 1 Pound Sterling in the Twentieth Century....

Here's a look at grandpa's collection of old coins. "Nothing extensive just some loose change", he explains as I try to understand British monetary concept before decimalization in the early 70's. Coins back then were heavier, bulkier and more of them.Take for example the one penny, almost four times the size of its 21st century equivalent and a fraction bulkier too. So try to get your head around this kids! 240 pennies made £1 and 12 pennies made a shilling - nowadays of course, a shilling is equivalent to 5 pennies. Unsurprisingly, a 3 penny coin did actually have the same value of 3 pennies, so there was some logic to the system!

here are some examples of old British coins with the earliest dated 1944 - old indeed! Oh, I've included the pound note because that's something I think most British readers will remember during the 80's and 90's.

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