Monday, 4 August 2014

Wings and Wheels, Tibenham Airfield, Norfolk, England, August 2014

Heritage Wings and Wheels....

Tibenham airfield. situated among the arable lands of the British country side and is of some historical importance to Norfolk Its a former WW2 bomber base that had a connection with a movie actor famous during and after the WW2 era - James Stewart. Norfolk. being closest to to Nazi occupied lands was the logical place to build airbases for bombing missions and so there plenty of them constructed from 1942 onwards. Since the end of WW2, most have been returned to farmland but Tibenham for the most part has survived - well, the runways are still there which is the important aspect, and is now home to a thriving gliding club with a handful of light aircraft based.

Tibenham is quite an appropriate location for holding a heritage event. Long runways ideal for landing those historic WW2 fighter planes and also for showing off some historic Lotus racing cars. Here's a flavour of the days events in pictures.....

Top Tip - you can click on the photo to see a bigger, clearer picture.

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