Monday, 5 January 2015

Don't forget the Insurance, December 30th 2014

Travel insurance....

Travel Insurance - I don't have any! That's the stark realisation with just a few hours before I leave the country. I need to fix that fast, the potential consequences of not having adequate insurance can be immeasurable, especially in a country like Nepal where a Western persons mis-fortune is possibly a Nepali persons good fortune! 

So, I need to find a travel agents, an insurance office or phone a rich friend! Time is short - about 45 minutes in Norwich or an hour in London to fix up an insurance policy that won't leave me stranded. 

There is one resource at my fingertips however and thats the internet, on my phone. Yes, if I can get an internet connection then hopefully problem solved. Pumpkin cafe at Norwich train station to the rescue, good fast wifi and 20 minutes later a policy number issued to my phone, pricey this time but at least I've got those medical bliss covered. 

Just 10 minutes to grab a coffee and jump on the 1330 London bound train and according to the information board all is on schedule with no expected delays - one small step closer to Pokhara.

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