Thursday, 15 January 2015

Oman Air WY102 from London, 30th December 2014

Oman Air to Muscat....

 A trouble free journey down to the capital, A quick stop on the Tottenham Court Road for a camera battery, some aspirin and a sandwich - the most expensive sandwich anywhere in the world I should think at a whopping £4.05, $6.07 or a staggering 611.55 Nepalese rupee! Yes, I know I should have paid more attention but time is getting short and I didn't spot a Macdonald's anywhere around here. 

Terminal 3 check-in at Oman Air, another Middle Eastern airline capitalising on the huge European winter exodus market. Just a small queue at the On-line and baggage drop check in counter. After a short interrogation about my intentions between now and June I'm on my way to security check. Laptops and gadgets in a separate box to everything else and thankfully no issues to deal with. No passport issues either - well actually there isn't any passport control, surprising given the Islamic situation at the moment. 

Airborne, 40 minutes late since the plane needed de-icing. A cold, clear night as the Airbus makes a climbing left turn and settles on a course towards Dover. For only the second time ever I have a stunning panoramic view of our Capital City as the plane skirts around the M25 motorway. These nighttime visuals certainly give London a different perspective - I wonder if my new camera has the capability to capture this?

6 1/2 hours to Muscat routing over the Balkans,skirting across the top of Turkey and down the Western side of Iran before crossing Dubai and final approach to destination - all according to the flight map. So far so good, should be in Kathmandu tomorrow afternoon as planned. For now though, nothing to do but eat this meal, whatch a movie and try to grab a little sleep. Oh, and that meal, very tasty indeed - a definite  Middle Eastern flavour. Usually, the meals from London on overnight intercontinental flights are pretty normal, often bland but today, this has surpassed any expectations - well done Oman Air! As for leg room and seat pitch - well, it's just the same as any other economy cabin. 

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