Friday, 11 January 2013

Going Intercontinental 8th January 2013

Norwich - London - Kuala Lumpur

Killing a few hours in London before making the onward journey to Heathrow and ultimately Kuala Lumpur. The journey down was uneventful under leaden skies - the forecast of drizzle making my getaway to warmer climes as sweet as a meringue covered in treacle. A walk along the entire length of Tottenham Court Road, over to Charing Cross Road, into Old Compton Street and the best little restaurant in London. The Stock Pot and their  Seafood Spaghetti is a hit every time. Around 6 pounds for a plateful - a big plateful at that, before heading off to the airport and commencing the real business intercontinental travel.

Checked in on-line last night and printed my boarding passes right through to Kuala Lumpur, so all I had to do was find the Qatar Airways baggage drop counter. Formalities completed, off to the immigration channels and security check. No interrogation, nothing beeping at me and they didn't even confiscate my shampoo this time! The whole procedure was over in a little under 15 minutes - a personal best. This of course leaves me with more spare time than anticipated. Not Hungry, don't need to shop, don't even want a coffee! Ah yes, let's try out the new camera and see how it performs at night - exceeds all my expectations for what really is a low end point and shoot pocket camera.

So, for the next 6 hours I shall be cocooned in rear of this steel tube called an Airbus A340. I have an indifferent attitude to economy class - get a small seat, get fed and watered mediocre offerings and of course depending on the age of the plane, a degree of entertainment. The rest is a mixture of luck and personal planning as to how comfortable a flight on the red eye can be.

Next...The flight, delays and getting fleeced at 4am

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