Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sarangkot by Bus, Sarangkot, Nepal, January 20th 2014.

Breakfast at my now established spot called the Lumbini restaurant, on that little road leading to the lake. Chapatti with dal baht, a kind of curried vegetable mix - tasty enough and with 2 cups of tea comes in at around £1.20. Amrit and Anjali are having plain Chapatis and hot milk for their breakfast, tearing pieces off and dipping into their drinks whilst looking eagerly across the table at my bag. Yes, they know exactly what's in there - an IPad. So, for the next 20 minutes, it's Chapatis, tea and Angry Birds!

What to do today, a question I randomly throw from the table towards the kitchen. "you can go Bindabasini Temple", cries Amrit. And I can ride on the school bus to get there, or close to it from what I can gleen from ensuing dialog in Nepali. Gulping down the last crumbs of Chapatis, grabbing the IPad and it's off to meet the school bus. Left onto holiday street, and a 5 minute walk to the main crossroads. Right go's downtown I should think, left to the lake and straight over looks like its towards the hills following the lake.

The Yellow school bus rolls up and it's in pretty good shape compared to the other local buses around here. It's a rough ride around the dusty streets of Pokhara, picking up kids from corners, some as young as 4! Plenty of garbage strewn around but the dwellings all look to be of sound structure, pretty smart some of them too. The kids are excited at the novelty to have a stranger on the bus, and a Western one too! They touch, they feel, they laugh and giggle, smile and say hello. Time to leave the bus as Amrit points outside. It's a familiar spot, same as yesterdays failed attempt to get the bus to Sarangkot, just a street down from the bus park.

Well, it's a clear day, I don't exactly know where I'm going but I do know I can make it for the bus to Sarangkot. So, a quick stomp to the bus park and yes, the Sarangkot bus is there waiting and as its a clear, cloudless day lets go to Sarangkot for more of those captivating mountain views, this time without pesky clouds - Bindabadini can wait!

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