Tuesday, 4 February 2014

School on Sunday, Pokhara, Nepal, January 19th 2014

School on Sunday...It's just another day.

Masala omelet, sweet toast and 2 cups of tea for breakfast before embarking upon the  school run this morning. Although Amrit and Anjali usually take the school bus, "today the public bus will be better", explains Anjali. Better because it will take less time while the school bus takes much longer - yes I can understand the logic even though school round here doesn't start for another 2 hours at 10 am.

A collection of buses conveniently located by the lakeside and all have seen better days that's for sure! Shabby, dented and pretty grubby but that's normal for buses in this part of the world, the local ones anyway. So, off to school we go - I'm sure this bus has square wheels!

Time to get off as Amrit beckons, the bus slowing. On a wide highway jam packed either-side with shops, ATMs, apartment blocks and a few shacks. But it's pretty clean around this part of town with the garbage restricted to a few obscure alleyways. Crossing the 4 lane road is pretty easy, compared to other places like Ho Chi Minh and Phnom Penh! Clearly not the level of traffic that Kathmandu has hence a much reduced level of pollution.

Just a short stomp down another obscure, rubble strewn lane is Amrit's and Anjali's school - LA Secondary Higher. Strange to be going to school on a Sunday, thus it feels very much like a Monday, business as usual!

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