Thursday, 29 May 2014

No Postman Pat, Pokhara, Nepal, May 2014

No Posties around here....

What a palaver trying to find the local post office. miles upon miles of stomping the Pokhara streets only to find that the original location information is wildly out-of-date! its not like you can ask a postman because there just aren't any, well not that can be recognised as such anyway.

Two offices supposedly, one in downtown at Mahindrapool and the other somewhere between Lakeside and the tourist bus park. No sign of anything that's obviously the Post Office in Mahindrapool, better ask someone. The Policeman on the corner had no idea what a Post Office was and couldn't extend the conversation to anything more than a shrugging off but a more optimistic response from a shop keepers assistant. A giggle followed by some discussion with her college suggested the place was further along, but how far, well, they couldn't say. Optimism turns to frustration as still no sign of this Post Office. A shopkeeper points back down they way I've just come, "its next to the Nepal Telecom building", he says. Something prominent to look out for, a landmark of sorts and a place everyone should know.

The Telecoms building is pretty easy to find being the biggest grey concrete block of offices in Pokhara - with a tall radio mast being the major clue in identifying the place. A walk around the block and still no sign of this Post Office. Turns out there isn't one here in downtown, that's according to a telecoms staff member!

Next, the saga continues...


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