Sunday, 11 May 2014

Supermarket Sweep, Nepali Style, Pokhara, Nepal, May 2014

Shopping, 157 Nepalese Rupee is equal to £1 UK.

After dropping Amrit at school time for a little shop browsing. Bhat Baheni is Pokhara's answer to Marks and Spenser, a department store of 4 levels clearly aimed at the middle and higher classes of Nepali residents. To the casual European visitor prices in the food hall are, on the whole pretty good but on occasion there can be an item outrageously priced - such as Thai Green Apples!

Next time I'll take a look at the electrical department but today I just need some toothpaste, might get those Mango chunks - irresistible price!

here then is a snap shot on what the Nepali folk pay for their groceries...

Still plenty of independent traders

Ouch, expensive!

About 15p for this bag of ready cut Mango

Pricey imports

Plenty of Chinese chemical additives around

About 45p for your Mars-a-day


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