Sunday, 11 May 2014

Settling in, Pokhara, Nepal, April 25th 2014

Settling in at Lakeside....

Where to stay? That is the most pressing question right now. The place is hardly thronging with tourists so a bed for the night shouldn't be hard to find at 6pm, all the same though I should get a move-on. Mr. P. offers to negotiate with Yeni's just across the street - 400 for a common room, 600 possibly for an en-suite and then that rises to 1000 Nepali Rupees. Eventually back to 600 for the en-suite which actually is very good value indeed, even by Nepali standards.

Yeni guesthouse, it's new, opened just a few weeks ago and no sign of a cockroach, ant, mouse or even a lizard, most unusual. No air-con but the ceiling fan is strong and it's still cool at night anyway, according to the forecast - 30 deg c by day and 20 by night. Bathroom fittings all new, clean and even the toilet shows little sign of any abuse! Yes, all things considered, quite a bargain at £3.82 including internet. Next door is the Laundry - 64p per kilo and opposite that is Mr. P's cafe with an average price of £2.30 covering breakfast and dinner!

Next, find somewhere to fix my cheap Primark jeans. Just yards further along is a taylors
and alterations - 64p to have the brass buttons replaced! Another bargain in the bag and I can collect tomorrow. And now for another bargain, food. Nepali Thali for dinner, a staggering 95p is the price.


  1. Hi Paul, I am moving to Nepal in mid-July - born and raised in the UK. I have sold pretty much everything I own and have found a nice little apartment in Pokhara... just raising as much money as possible and trying to work out the visa situation. I will be working remotely as a web developer out there (no need for constant internet to do my job, as weird as that may sound) and I really cannot wait. Your posts give some much-needed insight, especially knowing the costs involved. How difficult is it to learn which agencies are best for outdoor activities such as trekking, gliding, etc.

  2. Greetings,

    I would say search on-line for reviews about trekking agencies or ask the question on Thorntree Forum. I don't use agencies, just do some quick research and off I go. Paragliding is all the same. I would just turn up at the launch site and bargain a price. Bus leaves Pokhara bus park near Banda bashini temple at 9.15.

    good luck.