Thursday, 19 January 2012

8th Day in Sihanoukville 19th January 2012

Boat trip to the islands, Gulf of Thailand..

There are numerous islands off the Cambodian coast and boat trips are available every day for tourists to go and experience a few hours on a deserted island for about $15. Pick up on Victory Hill at 7.30, boat leaves Serendipity  pier 8.30 and should be back 4.30 that afternoon, lunch included.

Just 2 others from Victory Hill today. Ron and Lindsey, a middle aged  couple from Swindon join me in this old beat up banger for the short drive to a collection area for a breakfast  that consists of just a baguette and jam, tea or coffee.

Finally underway at 8.50, the Gulf of Thailand, clear, sparkling and very blue. About 24 passengers on a boat that takes 48 so there is ample room to move around with some taking the opportunity to catch a little sleep on the top deck. First stop is a small island famed for having clear waters suitable for snorkeling. Corals, anemones and loads of little stripy fish are here, but no sharks. The second stop is a large island, uninhibited with the exception of 1 shack, there to serve tourists with drinks thankfully. Clear shallow waters and white sand with palm trees for shade are pleasant enough surroundings for the next few hours.  Barbecued barracuda for lunch, very tasty.

Back to shore stopping off at another small island for more snorkeling, swimming and general messing about. It's obviously a well sailed route since plenty of tourist boats are moored here already. We have visitors as crew from those other boats climb aboard to carry out some dubious transactions on the top deck. Not for me to speculate the nature of these suspicious goings on!

A good opportunity to photo and view Cambodian islands and beaches since the sunlight is in a more favourable position in the afternoon on returning to the pier. Getting off the boat is somewhat a precarious manoeuvre since the sea level is considerably lower by 4.30. It's either jump off the top deck, which is almost level with the pier, or scramble up from the main deck. Transport back to Victory Hill and a shower at base camp.

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