Friday, 13 January 2012

Sihanoukville Day 2 13th January 2012

The Airport, Victory Beach.

The only breakfast cereal available in cafes seems to be cornflakes, never been keen on cornflakes so I'll settle on fresh fruit salad with yogurt, along with a fresh coffee, which is served by the half pint. Breakfast here is good value at 10,500 Riel. That's more or less $2.50 or 1.67 pounds.There is of course the greasy option which most westerners around here seem to find acceptable.

Today's agenda of sorts comprises of 1 must see, and the rest made up as and when. The Airport bar needs extensive investigation - not because I want to drink myself silly, but they have an old aeroplane as a central feature. It's not just any aeroplane either, it's a Russian propeller driven airliner, similar to the Fokker Friendships that most natives of Norfolk and those around the airport are familiar with. It's actually a smart place with a dance floor under the wings and lounging upstairs beneath the tail section. The cockpit is assessable, so up the spiral staircase and into the pilots seat. Well, actually the seats are removed but everything else is intact from the engine controls to the navigators station.

Anywhere on the beach is pricey as far as food and drink are concerned and here is no exception. Its more or less double the price of those places up the hill, but even so, still about half the price of a similar purchase in the UK. I settle on a bottle of water for 75p and an hour or so sitting in the breeze looking out over Victory beach. Just about every place around here has a free wifi connection, so a chance to login and get the latest emails.

Don't feel like any extensive street pounding today so it's across the road to Sakal's for lunch. Noodle soup at $1.75 then a couple of hours lounging around with a coffee, oh, and more free wifi! Up the hill again, which is quite hard work sometimes, and back to base for a couple of hours of wifi and probably a nap.

Dinner is fried noodles with vegetables, usually a safe bet. It's at the same place as breakfast - a moderately busy little cafe constructed of brick and tin. No waiters, it's just the cook and his wife, with nanna helping out  when the baby is in a settled mood! Food and a coffee works out to about 1.67 pounds. Nightlife seems to be doing a brisk trade, but that's for a blog further along...

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