Monday, 30 January 2012

To Vietnam January 30th 2012

War Museum and Vietnam..

I have to be at the Airport by 3pm so it's a short tour of the park, taking in the main temple sites over 4 hours. Plenty of photographic opportunities since the light is good, and it's possible to wait for a gap in the tourist trail. If time allows, the park stretches for about 40 sq kilometres and easily takes 2-3 days of viewing these temple sites, although some are falling down and could just be a pile of rubble. A few temples are enough to get the flavour of the areas heritage, much more might become a chore in hot weather! Food and drink prices are at a premium, although when I declined the price dropped by 50% for a delicious pancake with bananas and syrup. I would be cautious of eating items like rice or meat as these kitchens are makeshift bamboo shacks without normal hygiene standards.

Time to kill before the airport so Sam is taking me to the war museum. Down a dusty track and not obvious that anything is here at first. $5 to get in, then a couple of khmer Rouge victims suggest on being a guide for another 10$. Takes about 20 minutes to see an old Soviet helicopter and mig fighter jet along with about 25 tank shells and a gallery of guns.  I declined the guide.

Check-in, bag drop, bag scan and passport control all in 15 minutes. It's a small airport, modern and has free wifi.  Not much to see on the Vietnam airlines flight 812 to Ho Chi Minh City as it's dark and seat 23 is right over the wing anyway! 45 minutes into HCMC, even get served a snack. Surprisingly no interrogation via the obligatory landing card is required and it's about 30 minutes through passport control, get bags and into Vietnam. So here I am once again - strange country, nowhere to stay and it's dark.

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