Monday, 9 January 2012

Bangkok Day 1 9th January 2012 Conclusion

A few tentative steps that turns into a 6 hour marathon…

Taking stock of where I am – If I get back to that side of the boulevard and about three quarters of the way along, I should be able to find that bar, the one that lets people wander through to the lane at the rear. From there, I should find my way to the guest house easily enough. 

Continuing, after having crossed all 8 lanes without incident, I notice a glint in the clear blue sky. Further along and several gold encrusted spires rise prominently. It’s some kind of religious complex – church or monastery. Turns out that this is where the local monks reside. Very serene, surprisingly peaceful considering the proximity of the highway. Time to rest as the heat takes it’s toll on weary jet lagged travelers like me. At the entrance  a little stall sells trinkets and more importantly bottled water (25p), just what I needed.

A slight change of plan since I’m not all that tired. Head back, but go via Khao San Road. Any Google search with “Khao San” will reveal a wealth of information, but in brief, it’s the Bangkok backpackers hangout. A street brimming with life, excitement and exuberance. And it was, again food end to end and there are considerably more people here – packed out actually. It’s vibrant, colorful and atmospheric!

feeling quite tired, been pounding these streets for 5 hours now but somehow excitement, maybe adrenaline, keeps me going. Okay, so I know where the boulevard is and I need to be in this direction, so if I cut through to that lane then I should be back at the guesthouse pretty soon.

I have to admit I’m completely lost! Trying to take that short cut was a mistake as it just leads to more alleyways going in different directions. Back to the boulevard, but it’s dark and I can’t find that bar, the one that provided a way to the street I was staying on. As it turns out, I’m not that far away. Go back towards Khoa San, find the 999, cut through there, left to the end and straight over are the directions I’m given. Good, there’s the place, a polite nod to the reception boy, up the stairs, through the door – crash (that means sleep)

So that’s how an intentional couple of hours round the block turned into a marathon. The map I had was pretty useless – not detailed enough, should have brought my TomTom.

Next...getting ready for the Cambodian experience and the scariest ride of my life!

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