Monday, 5 March 2012

Bangkok Snake Farm March 4 2012

No Snake..

I'm amazed to find that most of the food outlets at the university canteen are open. Students are there in abundance with their text books, perhaps catching up with homework, but on a Sunday! I've already eaten in anticipation this place would be closed, so it's onwards to the express boat, and a trip to the Snake farm.

A visit to the snake farm but it was closed. Quite frustrating since I've walked all the way from the central pier, about 35 minutes - closes at 1 on a Sunday. Well, thats something to see Tuesday. Located almost opposite Silom road, so another chance to wander around some of the stalls lining the pathways. An interesting mix of business's along a few back streets around here. A chemist then about 6 lady bars, a supermarket then more lady bars and dozens of massage joints. All this with some smart, very expensive hotels towering above. It's relatively quiet on this Sunday afternoon so I duck into one of the coffee bars with air-con for an hour, making use of the wifi for some onward travel planning. Koh Samui then onto Penang I think.

It's 5pm, things start to liven up around here. Plenty more stalls are setting up, food on the go and a general buzz about the place. Oh and wandering around here, as a single person invites quite a few touts for the massage joints - cheaper price as well.They'll show pictures of the girls that are allegedly going to perform the massage, dressed in bikinis.

Back to base via the express boat then, and its almost dark, but there is just the faintest shimmering golden glow on the water making for some good photography.

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