Thursday, 8 March 2012

New Itinerary 7th March 2012

New Destinations..

Have spent a good few hours weighing up the pros and cons of onward travel following the near demise and continuing problems of Kingfisher Airlines. The original plan to spend time in India is now shelved and a new itinerary has emerged after days and hours of self-deliberation. Thanks largely to Air Asia having a last minute seat sale I now have a revised travel plan thus:

27th March : Bangkok - Butterworth overnight sleeper train. 28.0 GBP
28th March : Butterworth - Penang Ferry
9th April     : Penang - Langkawi Air Asia 16.83 GBP
12th April   : Langkawi - Kuala Lumpur Air Asia 27.40 GBP
18th April   : Kuala Lumpur - Kota Kinabalu Malaysia Borneo Air Asia 24.86 GBP
2nd May     :Kota Kinabalu - Kuala Lumpur - Phnom Penh Air Asia 31.55 GBP 27.56 GBP

And thats where I run out of money! Only joking.. I have to be out of Phnom Penh by 2nd June and in Bangkok by 17th June for the flight home. So as yet 16 unfilled days, suggestions welcome. 128.20 GBP for 5 flights I think represents a good deal. Replacing the flights lost to Kingfisher would have amounted to about 160 GBP.

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