Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bangkok Thonburi 1 March 2012

On the Move Again..

On the move again to place number three. Too hot at that last place, despite there being a fan in the room. It's actually hard to get one of the 150 b single rooms around the Khao San area, always full so far. Only a doubles are ever available, with fan but for 300 b, about £6.50 it's OK and within budget. But they don't give much here, in comparison to Vietnam and Cambodia. No Fridge, no free wifi and no TV. Just a bed, a roof and 4 neglected walls. Want a towel, it's another 20 b, have my own thankfully. Improvisation needed here. Take the 1 double fitted sheet supplied free, tie a knot in 1 end, fold in half and pin together the seam. Hey presto, a sleeping bag, that should keep most bugs away!

It's hot, quite muggy but with a slight breeze, must be in the region of 35 - manageable, just. Late lunch at Thammasat, a spaghetti bolognaise for 25 b, water for 7 b then off to find that ferry. There is a sign, and in English, spotted Inbetween the all to familiar food stalls and oddly enough loads of stalls selling old coins.

The ferry is 3 b, just 6p for the 5 minute ride across, passengers only, no motorbikes, no cars. A nice breeze from the river, and for those 5 minutes, less humidity. Getting off and straight into another market - seems to be part of Bangkok river life, or Bangkok is just one giant market place, bit of both probably. Thonburi is the area here, bustling with locals, schools and the school run, typically from 3.30pm onwards. Thonburi has a railway station and a community built alongside one of Bangkok's numerous canals. Quite quaint, no tourists but a good opportunity to see the comings and goings unhindered. The railway line leads into a yard and some rather neglected carriages. A resting place for a couple of disused engines, steam engines I think, but not  having a great deal of interest in trains I might be wrong about that. A good hour wandering around, snapping an alternative part of Bangkok life along the waterside and around the rail yard.

Back to the ferry, following the railway line towards the underpass. A host of food stalls here, along with a small kids park. 5 darts to throw at 5 balloons lined up, or try to catch a fish. A bath of about 500 live  little fishes that kids have to try and catch. Bouncy slide, a few other rides, all located conveniently next to the school.

Back on the ferry, this time going to another pier, further up which means I have further to walk. Quickest route to base is back through Thammasat University and that means stopping for some food - pork and noodle soup at 25 b. Nearly 8 weeks into the trip and time to take stock of finances. On average it's been around £12 per day food and accommodation. So, if I can keep to budget, living expenses for the six months should amount to just over £2000. The air ticket to get here was £650. Best value so far has been Cambodia.

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