Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Breakfast in Bangkok 20 March 2012

China Gate
Pumpkin for breakfast..

Pumpkin for breakfast at Thammasat,  but adding a little sweet chilli sauce is maybe taking that concept a little to far, for a western appetite anyway. Yes, it has caused a little flatulence of late, but only in a minor way. Breakfast isn't something Asians generally do, right across from India to Vietnam. If they do it at all then It's eggs mostly, omelette's with boiled rice Is the closest a westerner gets if sticking to an authentically local life style. Chicken and noodle soup also feature heavily in the local morning scene, although more for brunch than breakfast. The hotels and guesthouses though try to appease the western way to some degree, but at a price. 2 slices of toast with jam in excess of £1 and anything that constitutes bran or fibre can again escalate the cost of a breakfast around here. But of course staying in the likes of the Hilton where one pays in excess of $200 to crash for a few hours after dark, then I'm sure the choice is endless, or seems that way on the occasions I've been able to nose through a menu or 2, just out of curiosity.

Back to China town today, I don't know why exactly, maybe the lure of another bargain, but more likely because I forgot to take my camera yesterday! I wouldn't mind some of that Indian food either, the food l spotted at the shopping mall. Dhaal and bhaji sounds like an OK snack to me. The boat again to the same pier, and again wandering through the little streets this time snapping the scenes of Chinatown. Haven't seen that Indian shopping mall, never mind.

Scenes from Chinatown...

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