Monday, 20 May 2013

50 shades of Green, Bali, May 16th 2013

Rice Terraces...

It's a downhill ride pretty much all the way from Kintamani to the rice terraces about 20 minutes from Ubud. I promised a closer look here as I passed on the way up this morning, so here we are in the village of Tegallalang. Looks like a tourist hotspot and for good reason as the scenes here are pretty spectacular. Lush green paddies and terraces in the steep hillside making this place worthy of a picture postcard, and of course there they are, along with all the other tourist tack. It's quite easy to ignore the touts, no hard selling here, just a polite no thanks is enough and I can continue standing on the street happily snapping at the scenic landscape here, both at eye-level and down into the valley below. 50 shades of green, well, a slight exaggeration perhaps and I can't but help come to the conclusion this is all sightly engineered for tourist trade!

Moving on towards Ubud and a few more rice paddies spotted between the shops and this little  scooter comes to a screeching halt. This time they look a little more authentic with locals actually working the land, great set of photos here of rural life in action.

Photos to follow.... Please tune back or become a Facebook friend for an automatic notice of blog updates, using paul.holmes30@ntlworld to find me.

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