Monday, 20 May 2013

A complicated Picture, Sideman, Bali, May 17th 2013

Sideman...It's a complicated picture

It's a complicated picture looking at Google maps, this trip could either be successful or end in disaster. Sid-ee-mun is the place see rice fields, rice terraces and Balinese rural life all set in rolling hills, but getting there might prove to be challenging, oh well, always up for a challenge. But first, south to the gas station and another £1 to fill the scooters tank.

In general I need to head west, with a bit of zig zagging inbetween. So, here I go then, joining the thousands of scooters, mopeds and a handful of cars all vying for space on the narrow bumpy road. It's actually not that daunting once in the flow, just got to keep up, especially when the road is narrow - there isn't any scope for dithering!

First waypoint is the town of Gianyar, a major place according to Google maps and yes, there are signs thankfully. If there is any kind of highway code around here then it's pretty hard to see what the rules might be, so just do what the locals do and hope for the best! So far so good as the next waypoint, Klungkung , another major town is signed posted and a local confirms i'm on the right track! The roads actually are quite good around here, looks like newly laid tarmac and pretty wide too, plenty of space but of course that just means more traffic than ever.

Somewhere in Klungkung looking for a sign to Sideman, which is really only a small village. No sign, and I seem to be off the track a little on some kind of back alley street. The locals are friendly enough though as they try to explain the way out, even drawing me a map. 10 minutes riding, another local says I need to turn around and go back, 5 minutes another says this way and points along a major road, over the river and follow that to Sideman - well, I like the theory, but getting a little frustrated now. Well I never, across the bridge and look, there's a sign for Sideman! Left along a narrow country road packed with trucks carrying this black sandy grit substance. Overtaking is pretty easy though, just follow the local in front. 20 minutes of bone shaking and running into pot holes later the scenery starts to change and those picturesque rice fields begin to appear.

Photos to follow.... Please tune back or become a Facebook friend for an automatic notice of blog updates, using paul.holmes30@ntlworld to find me.

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