Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bangkok, Change of Plan February 29th 2012

Changing the plan..

Kingfisher Airlines are in financial trouble, one step from disappearing into a financial abyss according to all the press speculation last week. Seems they have a lifeline for the time being but it's really a fine line and there's that uneasy feeling that the whole company might be wound up at anytime soon. I mean, stranded in Mumbai, having to fork out even more money for another ticket, and again at kochi, is not a prospect I want to consider. The whole India arrangement part of this trip has been  has been fraught with problems, from inflexibility with the visa, no refund on a replacement visa, and now the airline issue.

The plan now then is to stay in Bangkok for a while exploring the whys and wherefores of onward travel. The backpacker trail seems to head south towards Malaysia and onto Singapore via some of the Thai islands, and that inevitably means beach time - sounds good.

A frustrating day so far, trying to change my flight ticket. It's the flight to Mumbai next Wednesday, with Jet Airways but contacting them has so far been fruitless. The staff at the airport yesterday were uninterested and told me to call the Bangkok office. 2 calls, answer phone each time. Next an email to them with the change details, as yet no response. an email to the booking agents in Norwich, 8am might be a little early to expect a reply though. So far then I've spent about £5 in phone calls, Internet cafes, and coffees with free wifi attached all to no avail yet!

Thammasatt  university was the best place to eat at last time, it is this time. Typical Asian food with most dishes priced at 25 bht, just 55p, a reasonable portion too. It's a good atmosphere to as the vast canteen fills with students, lecturers and even the police turn up for a snack or two. Quite obviously this place isn't in the lonely Planet guide book although I have seen one or two tourists wander through. Thankfully the sandbags surrounding the place have disappeared so it's back to normal, until the next rainy season, not that faraway.

A new home for now anyway. It's couple of pounds cheaper, but in similar condition - monsoon damage as is evident with most of the older buildings around here. But the place has a room for £3.50, occupied at the moment but I'm the next to have it, or so they say.Good news in that the booking office have replied and offered to sort things out free of charge, so now its off for a shower and, well, who knows - this is Bangkok after all!

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