Monday, 28 May 2012

$5 on Victory Hill, Sihanoukville May 2012

For $5....

$5 can go a long way on Victory Hill, Sihanoukville. $5 can get clean, double room with TV, western style loo and a fan. $5 will be enough for modest breakfast with coffee and a good lunch. $5 can constitute a mini banquet at dinner for those with big appetites. So, for an average of $15 per day one can live quite comfortably  in good surroundings, clean air with some great views. A quick calculation reveals staying here for 12 months would cost around 3,500 UK Pounds excluding the airfare - no wonder so many Westerners opt to stay here!

So here's a quick tour of the the place I'm staying at, Mealy Chender Guest House, Victory Hill. This is what $5 can get...

Clean and spacious

Western loo is always a bonus

TV and furniture

Moto hire

View from the bar

Mealy Chender

Ferocious guard dog

Coffee time on the top floor

Dining alfresco, bit pricey though

View from the top

Cafe's just outside the gate

Top floor recreation

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