Thursday, 31 May 2012

That was Sihanoukville May 31st 2012

Technically I suppose, the journey home starts tomorrow, with a stop off in Bangkok along the way. The flight leaves Phnom Penh (nom pen) late afternoon, and hoping the bus driver stops somewhere near the airport for me! 16 days in Bangkok before the flight with Jet Airways back to London, changing planes in Mumbai.

So, that was Victory Hill, Sihanoukville. A place where most of its people battle against the vigors of having very little whilst at the same time have an attitude that suggests they have all they need. A community where school is for some and not for others, where kids can play in the street with a carefree attitude and a place where, for many visitors, its rustic charms are perhaps one of its attractions.

And Finally....Meet some of the folk that call this place home.

My Ipad creates interest among local kids

Nice Sculpture

The Baby with her Cousin

Dad and Baby and My Ipad

Mum(Su), Dad(Da) and Baby

The Baby at 2 years old

Baby with Cousin Lesing, 12
David (left), Harry (right), American expats

No School
Kids Play in the street 
Mum and Baby

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