Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rainy Season - its official Sihanoukville May 29th 2012

Yesterday was pretty much a washout - rained until about 6pm by which time it was getting dark. lots of nocturnal wildlife around here, equally plenty of nocturnal bandits to match, so wandering around at night isn't particularly a good idea, by several accounts from the old timers anyway. But I'm not about to put that to the test anytime soon. Today, better weather with lots of nice warm sunshine, blue sky but clouds on the horizon. A wander down to the beach via the jungle track reveals more of Cambodia's natural history - a chameleon, more butterflies and some spiders, all taking advantage of some good weather before more rain, judging by those clouds on the horizon. According to the shack staff, this is now officially the rainy season as they baton down the hatches - tarpaulins actually, tied to bricks, trees, whatever's close at hand. Actually, it turned out to be just a brief, sharp shower giving way to blue skies once again.

A selection to today's photos..

Karma Chameleon

Face to Face

Little Red Spider


Two Tone


It's a downpour

Rainy Season - Official

Super Bug - What is it?

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