Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wet Saturday Sihanoukville May 26th 2012

Based on the weather over the last 3 days, I would say that the rainy season has well and truly arrived! Friday, morning storms before drying up around lunch time while yesterday (Saturday) morning storms then steady rain until late afternoon. Might be a good idea to invest in one of those pack-a-macs since a downpour can occur almost without warning. good and bad points to being in the wet season - good in that the climate is much more comfortable and bad in that the mosquito population increases considerably.

No more bushwhacking for snakes since the consequences of getting it wrong can be fatal, so I'll leave it to the locals from now on, plenty of other flora and fauna to observe though as the rains seem to have a regeneration effect. The rains have also caused the sea wall to collapse in parts. High tides have also undermined the wall causing significant erosion, its the first time I've seen the sea reach the wall with force. So, there you have it, the wet season is here, with a vengeance it seems.

Here a few photos from recent days...
How many colours on this crab?
Meet Brian!
My seashell and coral collection

Sea Wall Collapsing

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