Monday, 14 May 2012

Independence Day Sihanoukville May 5th 2012

Independence day..

Last time I was here, back in January, I didn't see many tourists. This time there's even less, just a one or two braving the rustic surrounds that is Victory Hill. A quick tour round confirms the places is saw closed yesterday, are really closed. The expats make up most of the white population around here and that laid back, relaxed attitude that was evident last time is even more so now. And the little cafe I used last time, well, that's only temporarily closed until Saturday.

So, for the next 3 1/2 weeks its just going to be hanging out on the beach, taking things at a more relaxed pace, maybe visit an Island or 2. No plan or itinerary as such, just see how things workout. One thing that is fixed though, I need to be across a border before midnight 2 June. Where, I don't know yet, and will probably to some extent depend on the bank balance.

Beach, that's what I need. As I remember, Independence was a pretty good beach with a consistent sea breeze. It's a 30 minute trek along the back road, past Hawaii Beach Resort, which still remains largely empty. A growth spurt has masked some of the strewn garbage on the way down, a lizard scurries into the overgrown bank and I need to find a solid stick. Yep, monkeys have some territory around here, but they seem to recognise a big stick when they see one! Yep, there they are, all over the place. Proceed slowly, show the stick but try not to make eye contact, then maybe I 'll getaway unscathed. It's hot, gets a little hotter near those monkeys, sweat dripping, but no incident this time.

A strong wind is blowing in from the sea, good, just what I need. Drinks and food all rather pricey here, but worth it just to sit, cool off under a shady tree looking onto a turquoise sea. A handful of tourists, but this is mostly a locals beach and plenty of them enjoying some beach time. Explore later, but right now it's food and drink. All the shacks are still open, enough business is trickling in to justify the all year round operation I am told.

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