Sunday, 16 June 2013

Koh Rong Island 5, Cambodia, May 27th 2013

Back towards the village, its corrugated tin huts over stagnant water pools, bamboo and timber constructed tourist accommodation shacks and a plethora of alcoholic establishments, mostly western owned by the looks of things - the food is pretty much all western derived, prices to match. The village end of the beach can really be summed up as a quagmire of filth - garbage, flies and stench. A rough track leading away from the village towards the islands centre offers another insight into this impoverished community. Food being prepared among piled up garbage with dogs and chickens running around amidst swarms of flies.

A steep climb up to the plateau and some nice views of the ocean, jungles and some wildlife. Continuing along this track should lead to the opposite side and according to research, a quiet and more serene tropical Island experience. Well, that's for another day since the boat back is leaving soon and missing that would mean an overnight stay!

Some effort at least...

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