Monday, 17 June 2013

Koh Rong Island 6, Cambodia, May 27th 2013

Another precarious gang plank walk onto the boat, soon the depart back to Sihanoukville and a couple of hours to reflect on the days experience. Koh Rong Island is picturesque enough, with inviting clear blue water - that is until one takes a closer look. Some serious hiking away from civilisation required if the purpose of a visit here is to find that idyllic, restful deserted island feel, where garbage and stale water pools are non existent and hardcore music resigned to the areas of squalor. For a day tripper this might be a tough ask, but for 2-3 days here there might be that hidden cove somewhere. The place has obvious appeal to alcoholics and druggies who can proceed unhindered by the looks of things.

Another set of photos as the sun begins to set behind the islands.The golden hue adds another perspective to the little circular island miles away from the mainland, the subject of mystery and intrigue purported to be owned by a Russian millionaire - access to his private casino by invitation.

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