Saturday, 15 June 2013

Koh Rong Island 1, Cambodia, May 27th 2013

Walking the plank...

A ride to Koh Rong Island is just $5 for a return ticket, and that includes a ride to the jetty. Should be about 2 hours on the ocean before reaching the Island. A nice day for a boat trip - blue sky and just a slight breeze as the last few passengers walk the plank. A precarious operation to say the least, but thankfully no incidents as western passengers gingerly walk the single plank of wood linking the boat to the jetty. 8.30am and the trip is underway. Scenic views of the port, Victory hill and of course what the locals refer to as the mountain. Those with hangovers quickly secure their spot in the sun as Sihanoukville slips away.

Passenger round up.

Walk the Plank.

Sihanoukville Mountain.

Victory Hill.


Passing local boats along the way

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