Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hanoi 24th February 2012

Getting run over...And the US ambassadors House..

After yesterday's mammoth effort and physiological scarring, today is going to be less strenuous. A trip to the bus station to find out about local buses over to Halong city on Saturday. Plenty, just turn up and pay on the day I am told. Walking back up to the lake and the sun shines on Hanoi. First time in nearly 2 weeks! Quite warm too, just shirts today.

Spotted a sign in gold, advertising the fact that this is the residence of the United States ambassador. Good for a quick snap but before I can press the button a guard rushes towards me, scowling and shouting no photo! He looked really upset as I walk off half expecting to be bundled into a police van at gun point any moment. No further incident though, and I continue being Joe tourist pounding the Hanoi streets. A few smart buildings shining in the sunlight. The Hanoi Hilton, and just along from there, the opera house - a must see for fans of colonial architecture.

Coffee at Kangaroo, then an early afternoon feed since breakfast was a while ago now. A bowl of noodle soup, sprinkled with pork scratchings among other things. Very tasty and best value food so far in Hanoi at about 25p, assuming I survive the night of course.

Back to base and I'm run over by a bicycle. Not really injured, shaken a bit, but we all proceed on our merry way.

At least I lived to tell this tale also!

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