Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hue, February 10th 2012

Hue, just about three quarters of the way to Hanoi...

Doesn't look an inspiring place to stay and if it wasn't for the fact that Hoi an to Hanoi was a 15 hour ride then I wouldn't have stopped at Hue, pronounced Hwee. Bus pulls into a side street opposite another $10 room hotel. It's in reasonable condition and I'm not feeling tip top so don't want to pound the streets for the sake  of a couple of dollars.  As always an abundance of hotels and guest houses, cafes,  restaurants and a host of informal dining. Lunch is a banana pancake and as usual in Vietnam's formal eateries the portion is small. Anyone with a healthy appetite is unlikely to be satisfied with a single order. A potion of Spaghetti bolognaise for example could be picked up in 1 hand and anything of Italian origin is usually up to 3 x more expensive, adding to the disappointment. I mean, I don't mind paying if the portion is fair. A 3 course meal generally is going to cost around £5-7.

Downside to busing around Vietnam with a bunch  of Europeans is sooner or later a cold virus will claim another victim. Just a sniffel today, so I'm going to sleep it out. Tomorrow is a dragon boat ride on the perfume river, Hue.

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