Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sapa, Miserable 18th February 2012

Even thicker fog, just miserable.

2.30pm and time to explore the locality. Already dressed up to the neck, nothing more to put on and I'm still cold. The fog is even thicker, can only just make out the opposite side of the street now. Priority is a hot drink and as luck would have it spotted a little cafe advertising a log fire with the coffee. A couple of hours here, and I have assumed the role of chief fire stoker since no one else is paying any attention. Obviously there isn't any point sight seeing, there's nothing to see. Working on the blog then and musing over the situation with a couple of coffees, I don't care about the price, just want to sit by the fire!

This thick fog has an isolating effect - feels like being cut off from civilisation. Doesn't look like heating is on any priority list around here as most cafes have  doors wide open to the street! Unbelievably they do, the coffee shop earlier had wide open doors, freezing cold as was the noodle soup place.

Back to the hotel and some improvisation is in order. Take 1 travel kettle, fill with water and  boil. Wedge the on/off switch so the kettle keeps boiling. Just enough heat is generated to take the edge of the cold room. Obviously nodding off with this going on isn't wise!

Nothing much more to say since there isn't anything to see. It's miserable, and I really am in two minds to get on the bus back to Hanoi. I'll tough it out, see what tomorrow brings, but the forecast isn't any better according to the folks at the hotel.

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