Monday, 13 February 2012

To Hanoi 11th February 2012

On the Night Bus Again..

A bus pulls out, another is waiting to go. I get on that one, then get off again, having just settled in - Over booked says the man, another bus soon. 3rd bus rolls up nearly full, but space at the back. Good and bad - good because space behind couches for bags, bottles, shoes, and its a bit more secure as well, bad because it means getting cosy with strangers! The bus is New, so new there is still that factory finish smell. Fresh, clean and bright, couple of TV screens showing some Chinese chat and entertainment show, not surprising since majority of passengers are Vietnamese, or Chinese, hard to tell. Bus is over booked again, and a stop further along sees more passengers hopping on. They are given mats stretched along the floor. Looks like a long night for them! A stop after just 2 hours and another feeding opportunity. Soon on the road again, thankfully there is a toilet on the bus since I don't think there will be anymore stops. 

So far so good...Hanoi at 6 tomorrow morning then.

Top tip on using open tour buses at weekends. Confirm your seat as far in advance as you can. The 24 hour confirmation stipulation is just the minimum and is fine for travel weekdays. Weekend buses are fully booked way ahead of time. I was lucky, but others arriving at the office to confirm their travel on Sunday were out of luck.

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