Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hoi An 10th february 2012

Bicycle ride in Hoi An...

 The beach is a little to much hiking in my opinion, so I'm going to hire a push bike. The land around here is flat, the climate is cool, much cooler of late,  ideal for a bike ride. Just under £1 gets a reasonable cycle, good tyres and with fairly good brakes, but no puncture repair kit! Surprisingly, food the the hotel is the cheapest I've seen in Vietnam , so it's the good old fruit salad and yogurt, with a coffee here before heading off beach bound and vying for road space.

Out of town towards the village of Cua Dai, a 4 kilometre ride according to the map. Between the town and the village is an expanse of farmland, rice fields mainly with figures and conical hats dotted in the far distance. About 30 minutes to the beach, typically palms, cafes and loungers on the sand. Not many people around, a handful of tourists and a few locals. The sea is rough here, waves breaking quite away out and again crashing onto the shore. Mountainous islands loom on the horizon, but shrouded in haze and mist. Beach is clean, no garbage anywhere and probably to breezy for the flies, haven't  see any at all. A good spot to spend a couple of hours and not unreasonable prices either. Quite cold by 3pm so back on the bike and into the old town for another look around. Loads of tourists on bikes, queuing for boat rides and generally milling about.

Early night, early bus in the morning. Eating at a place for locals, couple of doors from the hotel. No signs indicating its a cafe, just that I noticed an open door and some Chinese cackling. Good noodle soup for 18,000 vnd. Hoi An is good for a couple of days stopover.   A few tours are available basically a bike ride down some lanes or walking tours around the town centred on the Japanese bridge. Further afield there is marble mountain to look at.

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