Monday, 4 June 2012

Killing Time in Bangkok June 2012

Greens Guesthouse again, the same place I stayed in when I was here January. £6.50 for a double room, clean and with a fan. No TV this time and the showers are shared, as before. Breakfast at sourpuss corner, but no sourpuss's - they have disappeared, replaced by a couple of chaps, pleasant attitude and smiling. Adjusting to the climate now and actually, it doesn't seem as hot and sticky as when I was here in March, and still that breeze blows in from the river. Altogether much more pleasant, probably due to less direct sunlight, more cloud as the rainy season is just a few days away.

There is still a healthy contingent of tourists, although not the crowds of January or March which explains why there's significant discounting going on. Some of the street food is half the price it was, and several guesthouses are advertising discounts not to mention the dozens of alcohol vendors all vying for the tourists alcoholic thirst with an interesting angle - " very strong alcohol, we have the strongest".

So, in Bangkok for the final two weeks of this journey that began in Bangkok, January. I have no idea what to do, where to go yet, no agenda, not that there really ever is anyway. So for the most part it's a case of 'making it up as I go along', and see how it all turns out! One thing I do know however, the food routine will follow the same pattern - Thammersatt has the best in Thai food, tasty at just 44p - 55p, and their coffee Americano is the best at 44p. So, killing time for the next two weeks then, could be interesting, could be boring -Tune back to find out!

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