Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bollywood in Brickfields KL 16th April 2012

Yellow Brick Road and Bollywood, Brickfields..

Another area of Kuala Lumpur to be explored, Brickfields, also known as 'Little India' is located around the Sentral Station area. So, this is where the Indian community hangs out then, good for some colourful sights, sounds and spice. Its not for according to the map, just a short 20 minute hike I would think, or I can jump on the train, it's only 23p. The train wins the vote, since I'm still a bit tired, thanks to the nocturnal antics of certain guesthouse inhabitants! Anyway, upto the station, navigating the ticketing machine takes some getting used to. Pick the destination station on a computerised touch screen map, which then zooms in on that station. Touch it again, confirm and the machine wants some money. It takes notes, coins and gives change. So far it has rejected 5 coins and several notes, frustrating when there's a queue.

Sentral is the next station along, just 5 minutes, but it's nice to cool off and take in the glass and steel scenery. Getting to Brickfields is a challenge, no sign posts anywhere so it's a bit of guess work to start with. Down to the basement, where the bus station is and follow the path on the right is the advice from a local. Doesn't seem to be anything inspiring here, just the YMCA and next to that a rather dodgy looking hotel. A right turn, parallelling the Sentral Station and still nothing really to look at, although this does seem to be more of a residential area. Terraced rows, giant housing blocks and some villas make up the local scene around here. Most of the folk do seem to be Indian though, so this I guess is Little India. Another right inbetween a terraced block, looping back towards the station. It's a main road into town lined with shops, cafes, a handful of hotels and definitely has an Indian flavour in common with such a neighbourhood.

The pavements are of yellow brick construction, well, yellow and red actually, but still enough yellow to say " follow the yellow brick road". That's what exactly what I do, passing those typically little Indian shops and business's on the right and a plethora of vertical glass and steel constructions on the left. Some Bollywood going on here as there is quite a gathering looking on at the action being filmed. Quite interesting to watch actually, as they seem a little out of step with the music!

Sentral Plaza is part of the skyscraper community around here, and there's bound to be a Starbucks or something similar within. A smart place and I would think its where the big business movers and shakers hang out, making some hefty deals judging by the conversations I overheard. There is a Starbucks, time for refreshments and a cool down. Next door is the station, just a short walk across the access road.

Interesting to see the Bollywood goings on, but otherwise I'm glad getting here wasn't any kind of an effort. Brickfields really doesn't arouse any excitement within the Malay urban jungle environment.

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