Friday, 13 April 2012

Confused in Kuala Lumpur April 12th 2012

Confusing and confused..

It's a confusing place at first sight as this station is the major interchange between the various lines and operators that serve the KL area and beyond. Looking around for anything that indicates the way to Chinatown, or even Petaling street. Plenty of route maps but nothing to indicate on which line, or even if there is a stop close to Petaling Street. Ok, so might be a Lonely Planet guide book moment, but wait, I don't have a copy do I! Hopefully the ticket desk should point me in the right direction and after queueing for a few minutes I am directed over to the opposite side of the building to that ticket desk. Good news! There is a stop close to Petaling street, 2 actually; Pasar Seni and Masjid jamek according to the ticket clerk. Ticket machines only here, so the ticket clerk really just gives out advice and change all day long. 1.3 RM, about 28p and Pasar Seni is the next stop and the closest to Petaling street according to a local. About 6 minutes to the stop, down to the street and a sign to Petaling street, almost as if they knew I was coming!

As ever when turning up unannounced it's a case of pounding the streets in the hope of finding somewhere to stay that's within budget and not too dilapidated. It's noticeable that the place around here, Chinatown namely, is in some state of disrepair, crumbling would be a fair description. A room for 20 RM in a crumbling Chinese house. Shame, since there is  architectural evidence this building was once something of a statement in times past. Anyway, hope it holds up until next Wednesday at least. Maybe tomorrow I'll scout around, see what else is available, but for now more importantly something to eat and drink. Food courts and street food everywhere as is usual in Malaysia, with plenty of variety to choose from. After 9 days of mostly Indian food, this time Chinese by way of a change - sweet and sour pork, how much would I like is the look that comes across the counter. I like that attitude, something we don't see in Britain all that often, if at all. £1.03, must have been a small portion! 26p for a glass of Chinese milk tea.

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