Thursday, 26 April 2012

No Bus Kota Kinabalu April 24th 2012

No Bus...

One of those days when I don't really have any specific direction, which invariably means a trip to the beach. If I can find a later bus back then I should be able to experience the sunset, so that at least is something slightly different. Better get going, it's already 1pm.

8.20 is the last bus, according to the driver. Ok, so that means sunset beach is all systems go then. camera batteries charged ready for what should be something of a spectacle. Getting off at the beach cafe, it's actually called 'Number 1 Beach', with 'Number 2 Beach ' further down towards the runway.

A walk along the beach then, and garbage prevails. The same garbage from last weekend I expect. And the water running off into the sea has a rather bad odour, seems worse than the last time I was here! Starts to rain, time to take cover, a good opportunity to try out the food court. It's up past the beach cafe and bars. About a dozen booths, all things Asian, with the odd western inspired dish for good measure. Pricier than in town, as is to be expected, about 50p more expensive on average.

Sunset, as those afternoon storm clouds begin to clear. But it's just a little to cloudy for the spectacle of previous settings, but still good nonetheless. So it's Sunset beach for the next hour as people click away, and couples take a romantic stroll along the waters edge.

There seems to be a bus every hour on average around here, so 7.20 should be a logical assumption that they'd be one, right. The man in the security box guarding the condominiums doesn't think so though. Nothing after 6 is his take on the situation. 7.30, no bus and I've been waiting since 6.45, in the rain! Plan b, start walking to town and flag the bus down, if I see it. And if I don't, after 10 minutes, plan c, because the bus probably isn't coming.

 A hike to the city, in the dark isn't wise, since I have to pass the illegal Philippine settlement, which could end up being rather expensive according to stories around town - a no go area, even for locals. No bus, so it has to be a taxi ride tonight then. Last time I got a taxi from the airport it was 30 RM. If I hike on past the airport I should find a taxi somewhere, and for cheaper. Aru village is on the left, almost opposite the airport actually. Taxi driver there will take me to the bus station for 13RM, that's not bad actually and had I known that on arrival day last week, could have save a few quid. From the bus station I can get to the city food corner, then the fruit market and then the peanut pancake stall. Breakfast now is fruit, and peanut pancakes....a tray of freshly cut papaya is 2 RM whilst 3 slices if peanut pancake is just 1 RM. And I didn't think there was going to be much I could write about today when I got up this morning!

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