Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Wild Side Kota Kinabalu April 23rd 2012

A walk on the wildside..

Another visit to the viewpoint today, up the hillside, through the jungle. Another visit because I just wonder if there might be something different to see among that thick jungle vegetation - after all Borneo is the best when it comes to nature! Breakfast at Fongs consists of fried eggs, rice with sweet and sour sauce, actually getting a tad bored with that, a change tomorrow I think.

Hanging around at start of that trek up, a couple of different butterflies this time, and a new plant seems to have sprung, looks like one of those man-eating science-fiction plants!
Interesting to see, and optimistic of further new discoveries, a snake perhaps. A few more insects but sadly no snakes, again, as the trek terminates at the viewing platform. A cool breeze up here again, refreshing after that hike. An hour here looking across the city, whilst at the same time  keeping a watchful eye on the tree-tops in the hope of seeing something like a bird - other than a sparrow I mean! Nothing to speak of really, so resorting to watching planes leaving and arriving since I managed to pick out the runway between the city buildings.

Time to move again, this time staying on the road that heads back past the trek and further into the hills. More things to snap, and some really nice, panoramic scenery looking over towards Mount Kinabalu. A residential area, just at the base of the hill, looks quite new and has similarities with a British housing estate, well, it's seems it from up here. It's a walk on the wild side with jungle on the right and left, very little traffic using this road, which is really just a stones throw from the city. Nature is all around this city, all at close quarters. From lizards along the waterfront to exotic butterflies and vegetation in the hills, all easily accessible on foot.

Spots of rain, on cue, as the afternoon storm spread down from the mountains. Only one thing to do, head for a mall. Plenty around, just a 10 minute walk down from the hills and into the city. I need some new footsore, these old trainers are showing signs of disintegration now, but heck they've travelled some miles and seen some amazing sights.

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