Thursday, 12 April 2012

Langkawi Airport April 10th 2012

Langkawi International Airport.

Due to high terrain at the eastern end of the runway aircraft land from the west and depart to the west, so one way in and one way out. Passengers sitting on the left, seat A, might notice a small plane tied down under a shelter just at the base of the control tower - 9M-EAK Kitfox.

From the terminal building turn right and about 200 yards is a gate and from there photographing is allowed. Anything at the terminal is visible, as is a flight-line of about 8 Da20s.  Further along is a maintenance facility where at least another 8 aircraft are housed in various states of repair. This belongs to HM aerospace and an application via reception might get a look around. They seem quite laid back here, especially at the gate. Reception is somewhere offsite, but not far away.

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