Monday, 16 April 2012

Petronas Kuala Lumpur April 15th 2012


Too early for a trek back to base, so Let's have another look at the Twin Towers. About a 15 minute trek further along with more skyscrapers blocking out the sun. The KL City walk is a pathway for those that want to get up close to a few of these glass and steel structures, and do a little shopping without the stress of traffic and fumes. It's about the halfway points going up to the towers I would estimate.

The Twin Towers, also known as the Petronas Towers are part of the KLCC complex. Basically, the Towers are built into a giant shopping mall, the kind of mall where bargains are almost impossible to find! That's right, this seems to be the place where people with lots of money, and people who pretend they have lots of money, like to hang out - especially next to the Gucci shop. Half an hour for a quick nose around, maybe spot someone famous, then grab a Starbucks to recover. Well, didn't spot anyone famous but the Starbucks was welcome all the same. Certainly a smart place, busy too with plenty of Islamic woman, the kind that are covered all in black with just a small opening for seeing where to go. Access to the towers is available for about £10. For that it's a ride to about the 20th floor, across the link bridge and down again - no thanks. Back to base on the Rapid Rail line, although I could have hiked the 30 minutes or so. 1.6 RM was worth it to save my little legs from collapse!

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