Sunday, 8 April 2012

Feeding of the 5000 Penang April 6th 2012

Feeding 5000 Hindus,

On the way to KOMTAR, somewhere in the Campbell Street area and there is a rather large crowed gathered around a gazebo type structure. Curiosity kicks in and the ensuing investigation reveals a kind of makeshift cafe catering for about 40 people around the edges, at anyone time. Each has a banana leaf with a pile of rice in the middle. Then various sauces and vegetables with chicken plonked on top of it all. It seems to be an endless supply for some as the servers insist on more! And others await patiently for their turn. Drinks too, and it's all free. A local explains this is part of a Hindu festival (feeding the 5000 comes to mind) and invites me and other tourists to take part.  Unfortunately I have just eaten and politely decline, shame though as its not often food is available for free, and looks good to.

Who's driving then?

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