Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Selamat Datang Borneo April 18th 2012

Between storms
Kota Kinabalu...

On the way to Borneo then - if I'm going to catch a glimpse of natures rarities then it'll probably somewhere between Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan according to research. No precise plans on what and where yet, see what the tourist office have to say. I have my digs reserved, arranged via a series of emails so there's no guarantee my place wont be given to the next European alcoholic to roll into town! All I have to do now is get to the airport and get on the plane - Air Asia flight 5118 to Kota Kinabalu at 1710.

Not Screaming!
Two sides to this airport, KLIA (international) and LCCC (low cost). Get the right side because getting between to two isn't easy, can take upto an hour! Air Asia have a Sky Bus between Sentral and LCCC every 15 minutes, its about 1.80 UKP if not purchased when booking the E-ticket for the flight. Hauling me and my 2 backpacks up to the station, for the 5 minute ride down to Sentral, and then down to ground level for the Skybus. It's there, engine running. I don't have any paperwork with me since I plan to check-in using the self check-in kiosk, so I preloaded my flight details and itinerary on the Ipad. Showing that was enough to get me on the bus! Its an hour to LCCC, hope there isn't a hold up, half past two now, leaves me about 20 minutes to get some food. Check-in flawless, bag drop again quick and easy leaving ample time for a quick look around and food.

Sunset Above the South China Sea
Plane pulls away 10 minutes early, not for the first time on this trip either. No sympathy for late comers, obviously. And the next 2 1/2 hours is better told by pictures as night falls preceded with the most amazing sunset.... Selamat Datang Borneo - Welcome to Borneo. Taxi is 6 quid into town, last bus was at 6, its now 8pm. Good news, xplorers have honoured my reservation. Its actually niot a bad place at first sight.. Wifi, fridge, microwave, tv, kettle and breakfast!

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