Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Jungle Trouble Conclusion Penang March 31st 2012

Dodgy Bridge
Concluding The National Park Trek..

Trekking over a few more dodgy bridges, stopping occasionally for a photo. A distant rumble of thunder, looks like rain for sure as the sky darkens. This is turning out to be a rather long trek even taking into account the nasty monkey business earlier, but at least there is a nice breeze and the mosquitoes seem to be staying away. Must be close now since I can here people, and boat engines. Up and down with the terrain as the path snakes through thick vegetation. Fallen trees to negotiate, boulders to clamber over and the path narrows considerably. A steep path down to a long beach. This must be it, I hope so because I don't really have the time or energy to go further. It's 3.45, yep, been a long trek. This is monkey beach, but what's missing are the monkeys!. A few ramshackle stalls that I guess used to sell food and the usual paraphernalia tourists like to see. But I'm glad to see a drink stall way up the beach, since I ran out of water about an hour ago. 1.5 rm, same as the shops in town, for a bottle of water. Don't have long to spend here since the park closes at 6. There are boats anchored, and it's 40 rm for a ride back, about 8 quid for a 10 minute journey. There is a boat about to go, I'm invited to jump in and join 2 others, a British couple with kids out for a jolly. No money required and I'm delivered back to the starting point some 2 1/2 hours ago. An experience to reflect upon and figure out how to deal with aggression from wild animals.

What I need now though is a nice Starbucks coffee. The bus back stops at KOMTAR and costs 3.40 RM this time. There's something going on the floor below.investigation reveals its the local radio station, promoting something about not wasting energy and reducing pollution, Earth Hour they call it. Not a bad doo as it happens, with a live act in between the robot driven studio sounds.Actually quite a few live acts are entertaining a large gathering of locals.

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